Simple. Reliable. Efficient.

Advanced technology solutions to close financial crime cases.

ERAD provides a Cloud SAAS platform to streamline, identify and investigate criminal activity to sustain criminal charges, court orders, subpoenas and search warrants.

Cutting-edge solutions for law enforcement.

Identify financial crimes. Prosecute criminals and close more cases.

ERAD delivers Innovative solutions and streamlines the experience of identifying, investigating and analyzing financial crimes related to financial cards, cash applications, crypto currency, and device tracking.


Track your case outcomes quickly
and easily

ERAD’s comprehensive solution logs and analyzes cards confiscated at the scene, flagging for credit and debit card fraud, cash application theft and prepaid card money laundering schemes.

Check Balances and freeze prepaid debit cards quickly

Our solutions let you check balances, freeze cards and recover stolen funds on the spot.

Generate reports
automatically for courtroom use

ERAD’s auto generated reports identify case balances, card issuers and associated victims of fraud.

Best in class cloud SAAS software
and easy to use hardware

Use ERAD’s cost effective cloud SAAS software, to streamline, identify, investigate, and analyze plastic cards, seizures of cash application and crypto currency, device tracking, and human trafficking notification from a phone, desktop or laptop computer.



Check Prepaid & Gift Card Balances.

Check balances on virtually any prepaid cash card including retail cards. Easily batch upload cards numbers for analysis.


Skimmer Tracking.

Track unique identifiers in skimmers and other devices used to facilitate card related crimes. Cases can be linked for the ability to collaborate on investigations.


Deconfliction Notification.

Receive immediate notification on a phone/mobile number, email, credit/debit card, or MAC ID’s connected to other criminal cases.

Digital currency seizures

Seize Illicit funds from cryptocurrency and
cash applications


Download reports.

Produce detailed Excel and PDF documents for court orders and management reports.


Helpful Documentation.

Access legal documents, reference guides and training videos.

See how easy it is to check a prepaid card and freeze the value.

See how easy it is to check a prepaid card and freeze the value.

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