Cutting-edge solutions for law enforcement.

Seize funds from plastic cards used by criminals.

Our easy-to-use platform allows law enforcement to inventory, investigate, freeze and seize funds from prepaid and gift cards on the spot, as if it were cash.

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Save time tracking down cards and aggregating data.

Streamlined tools for card fraud investigation.

ERAD automatically generates the reports you need to sustain criminal charges, court orders, subpoenas and search warrants.

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Track your case
outcomes quickly
and easily.

ERAD’s comprehensive investigative solution logs and analyzes every plastic card confiscated on the scene, flagging for credit & debit card fraud, identity theft and prepaid card money laundering crimes.

Check balances and
freeze prepaid debit
cards quickly.

A process that once took days can now be done instantly--right at the point of arrest. Our solution lets you check balances, freeze cards and recover stolen funds on the spot.


Generate reports for courtroom use.

ERAD’s automatically-generated reports identify case balances, card issuers and associated victims of fraud.

Cloud-based software
on any device

Our cloud-based software is easily accessible
for law enforcement, allowing officers to gather evidence and analyze their case on any device.



Add retail gift cards.

Check available balances from big box retailers like Best Buy and Walmart.

Batch import cards.

Easily upload card numbers for analysis.

Prepaid card balances.

Check the balances on virtually any prepaid cash card.

Attach case documents.

Seamlessly organize and store all associated documents like seizure warrants and affidavits.

Download reports.

Produce detailed Excel and PDF documents for court orders and management reports.

Helpful documentation.

Access legal documents, reference guides and training videos.

Easy to use hardware

Using ERAD certified magnetic stripe or EMV card readers, you can
scan credit, debit, ATM, retailer gift and prepaid cards from your phone,
desktop or laptop computer.

Mobile Bluetooth
Card Reader

Mobile Audio Jack
Card Reader

Computer USB
Card Reader

Mobile Bluetooth
Card Reader

Mobile Audio Jack
Card Reader

Computer USB
Card Reader

Download the application
or access the website.

Locate ERAD Mobile on the Google Play or Apple iTunes App Store and
download the application to your smart phone.

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Start swiping cards
and disrupt criminal activity.

Law enforcement can identify suspicious prepaid cards and put a temporary
hold on the linked funds until a full investigation can be completed.

See how easy it is to check a prepaid card and freeze the value.


“In January 2018, we were introduced to ERAD. Their team provided us experts who understood our issues and helped implement the ERAD-Recovery Solution so we could investigate a concealment case that also involved recovering money that had been laundered on prepaid cards.They were available throughout the investigation beginning with initial training for our detectives and continuing through the process until the funds were recovered. Thanks to ERAD, we were able to immediately recover the illicit funds and provide enough documentation to pursue federal charges.”
Sheriff Mark Hunter
Columbia County Sheriff's Office, FL
"In May 2018 we acquired the ERAD-Recovery Solution. Their team provided us experts in South Carolina who understood our issues and were able to configure the program in a way that worked best for our office. From implementation to training to ongoing support, ERAD has been there when we needed them. Thanks to ERAD, we have been able to make more cases, prosecute more individuals, and identify thousands of dollars stored on prepaid cards.
Sheriff Steve Mueller
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, SC
"Waukesha County (Wisconsin) is being inundated with financial crimes, most involving payment cards found in the possession of suspects or at the scene of crimes. Fortunately, we recently attended an intelligence briefing and were introduced to the ERAD system. It seemed to offer all that we were looking for — easy to use; seamless implementation; quick and comprehensive insights; resource saver all at a fair price.
Through this process, the ERAD team provided us their experts who understood our struggles, and helped us implement the right solution and approach for our Team. They were always available and keyed in on our needs. Our experience with ERAD couldn't have been better. Our only wish was we had worked with them sooner."
District Attorney Sue Opper
Waukesha County Office of the District Attorney, WI
“Our agency began using the ERAD system In June 2017. We used the ERAD system to read over 200 cloned and prepaid cards, from a case that was initiated prior to obtaining the ERAD system. We were surprised to find that there was a $17,000.00 balance on the prepaid cards and subsequently obtained a seizure warrant. Without the ERAD system, those funds would not have been recovered. The reports that were generated by the ERAD system were extremely beneficial when I presented the cases to the prosecutors and aided them in their understanding of the cases so as to move forward with prosecution.”
Detective John Milotzky
Wauwatosa Police Department, WI
"I still shake my head at the great product you created and am thankful for how ERAD has helped law enforcement. The information I need is right at my fingertips and ERAD organizes it in a way that makes it easy for our County Attorney to build a case"
Detective William Majeskie
New Berlin Police Department, WI
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Financial crime is an epidemic.

Prepaid cards are the new currency of criminals.

According to shocking statistics, payment card fraud is running rampant across the
United States. Criminals who once made a living selling narcotics and handling stolen
goods have discovered that stealing credit cards and laundering money with prepaid
cards is an easier, more lucrative and low-risk business.

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$40+ billion a year

in funds from illegal and illicit activities
are loaded onto prepaid cards.