ERAD Issuer Notification Service

Reduce Card Issuer Fraud Losses

ERAD is your ally in reducing card issuer fraud losses. Our comprehensive platform is designed to enhance efficiency and minimize losses, ensuring a safer financial landscape

Solutions For Card Issuers

Discover and minimize financial losses caused by stolen cards with our exceptional reporting solution


ERAD-INS (Issuer Notification Service), a one-of-a-kind solution that ensures card issuers receive prompt notification when their credit, debit, or prepaid cards are seized by law enforcement agencies – often even before fraudulent activities can occur.

ERAD-INS is available to all U.S. based card issuers and serves as a powerful tool in the fight against fraud. By swiftly notifying issuers about confiscated cards, the reporting service enables identification of stolen cards and mitigates financial losses. Participating financial institutions receive comprehensive reports containing essential information about cardholders and the involved law enforcement agencies, empowering them to safeguard card accounts against further fraudulent use.

Instantly notify
card issuers when their cards are confiscated

What used to take days can now be done instantly, at the moment of arrest. Our integrated solution checks balances, freezes cards, and seizes stolen funds on the spot.

Multiple update reports daily via FTP

Receive detailed reports with relevant cardholder and agency information needed to protect card accounts from additional fraudulent use.

Access contact information for confiscating law enforcement agencies

With our notification service, issuers can quickly identify stolen cards and promptly take action to prevent further fraudulent losses.

Individual BIN registration detail

Receive individual BIN registration details including brand, issuer name, client name and status for each confiscated card.

Everything you need to monitor fraud effectively

ERAD’s Issuer Notification Service is designed to easy implement and automate. By utilizing this service, you can protect your customers and bottom line from fraudulent activities.

Scheduled Secure FTP Delivery

Multiple reports of cardholder information each day via secure FTP

Law Enforcement Agency Contact Information

Contact information for the law enforcement agency that confiscated your institution’s cards

BIN Detail

Individual BIN registration detail brand, issuer name, client name and status for each confiscated card

Advanced Notification

Swift advanced notice of confiscated cards to reduce potential fraud losses

Improved Cardholder Satisfaction

Notify customers of card loss before they notify you to build trust and customer loyalty