ERAD Joins Forces with Crypto Track
June 20, 2024

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As a leader in the financial crime’s intelligence field, ERAD continues to seek solutions that help close cases and prosecute more criminals. We pride ourselves on providing you technologies that are easy to use and understand.  That’s why we are excited to announce that ERAD has joined forces with Crypto Track to make their industry leading software, CT Pro, available to our law enforcement clients.

CT Pro was created by law enforcement professionals to help law enforcement, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency investigators, analyze, track and streamline their cyber investigations.

CT Pro Features

  • Enables users to quickly and easily track illicit crypto transactions
  • Allows investigators to follow the flow of cryptocurrency and link it to real-world identities
  • Sets automatic alert notifications when crypto currency moves between cold wallets or to an Exchange
  • Provides interactive training courses to maximize online learning
  • Offers Cryptocurrency Investigator Certifications, preparing participants to successfully conduct blockchain investigations

Click here to view a short video and learn more about CT Pro.

At ERAD, we bring cost-effective technology solutions to our clients. With the same philosophy, CT Pro brings investigators an industry-leading solution at a price that’s a fraction of what other’s charge. And it gets even better!  Through an exclusive partnership with ERAD, you can subscribe to CT Pro with a 15% discount, just for being an ERAD customer.

Click HERE to purchase the discounted CT Pro subscription.

If you have questions or need additional information about CT Pro, contact Crypto Track –, (469) 547-1525.