Smith County Texas Commissioner’s Court approves ERAD
April 18, 2020

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) – In commissioner’s court on Tuesday morning, the court unanimously passed a request from the criminal district attorney to partner with ERAD GROUP.

“What we’ve noticed with our sophisticated criminals, especially our gas pump skimmers and organized crime, is that they’re not moving money in cash anymore, they’re moving it in digital currency,” said Jacob Putman, the Smith County criminal district attorney. “They’re able to re-encode gift cards, hotel cards, anything with a magnetic strip. So, we’re entering into a contract with a company which will allow us to seize and recover that money so that the criminals don’t get to keep it.”

According to Putman, ERAD is the only company in the United States with this technology.

The contract will cost $5,000 per year and those funds will come from the district attorney’s office asset forfeiture fund.

Putman said the members of the court are excited for the new program.

Source: KLTV