Pascagoula Mississippi uses ERAD to I.D. stolen debit cards and recover over $7,000 from prepaid cards
February 17, 2020

A Detective from the Pascagoula Mississippi Police Department, along with members of DHS and USSS, stopped two men traveling west bound on I-10. After receiving conflicting travel itineraries and a K9 alert, the Detective searched the vehicle and located 41 cash cards in the glove and passenger compartments. Using ERAD FCIS, he determined that several of the cards had cash values exceeding $7,000 and immediately froze the funds. For the other cards, the suspects had used chemicals to remove the card numbers from legitimate prepaid cash cards and then encoded and embossed stolen debit card numbers from a Midwest Union onto the plastic. According to the Credit Union, over $30,000 of their member’s money was saved thanks to the department. Lieutenant Brandle (