Central Iowas Drug Task Force uses Lead Generation to identify a person of interest
February 11, 2024

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In the realm of investigations, the ability to efficiently identify witnesses and persons of interest is crucial and can make or break a case. Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or a novice, honing the art of identifying key individuals is paramount. The case study below will describe how investigators were able to use ERAD’s Lead Generation Service to navigate through the labyrinth of information, ultimately leading to the discovery of vital witnesses and a person of interest.

In April 2023, The Central Iowa Drug Task Force (CIDTF) adopted a fatal overdose investigation from the Nevada (Iowa) Police Department. A Nevada resident overdosed and died in his home. CIDTF was given witness information and evidence from the crime scene. Through witness interviews, law enforcement officials were able to identify a person of interest in the case. Witnesses gave information about the possible location of where the fatal drugs were purchased. With that information, CIDTF was able to use the Lead Generation Service and run a search on the store location to identify mobile devices that were in the vicinity during the time of the drug buy as well as the area around the home of the suspect. By running the Lead Generation compare feature for the two locations, the team was able to confirm the suspect was at the convenience store at the time of the drug buy.

According to Sergeant Nicholas Hochberger, “By being able to use the search and compare features within ERAD’s Lead Generation Service, we were able to quickly identify a witness and keep our investigation moving forward without the delay of a subpoena.” He continued on to say, ”ERAD is a great solution to aid in our investigations and we look forward to using this in the future.”

In the pursuit of justice, the utilization of cutting-edge technologies guides investigators through uncertainty. This case study showed the transformative power of the Lead Generation Service from ERAD as a formidable ally in the quest to find persons of interest. ERAD’s contribution not only expedites the identification process but also elevates the investigative landscape, it equips agencies with the tools aid in the pursuit of justice.