HSI Special Agents Use ERAD to Analyze Skimming Devices
March 8, 2024

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Recently, HSI Special Agents, in collaboration with local law enforcement partners, were alerted to the discovery and confiscation of numerous skimming devices deployed by a criminal syndicate across various states. These devices were strategically placed on both bank ATMs and retail self-checkout point-of-sale terminals. The illicit activities of this organization posed a significant threat to financial security and demanded swift intervention.

Investigative Efforts and Technology for the win!

Upon discovering the skimming devices, law enforcement agencies swiftly mobilized to address the threat. Working closely with affected retailers, efforts were made to gather crucial data, including the 16-digit credit/debit card numbers utilized on the compromised terminals during the period of skimmer installation until detection. This yielded over 13,000 compromised card numbers.

To streamline the analysis and utilization of this data, HSI leveraged cutting-edge technology, specifically the Electronic Recovery and Access to Data (ERAD) system. Through ERAD, the collected card numbers were organized and categorized which enabled law enforcement to efficiently generate subpoenas.

Special Agent Brendan Cullen stated, “The integration of ERAD was key to expediting investigative procedures. By automating the sorting and organization of compromised cards, ERAD significantly reduced the time and resources required for analysis. This allowed us to focus our efforts on crucial aspects of the investigation, ultimately saving countless hours.”

The successful collaboration between HSI Special Agents, local law enforcement, and technology-driven solutions like ERAD allows for proactive measures in combating financial crimes. Through innovation and partnership, law enforcement agencies can safeguard the integrity of financial systems and protect communities from fraudulent activities.