Case Studies

Selected Case Studies

Wauwatosa Police Department Helps Thwart Romanian Card-Skimming Ring

September 12, 2018

Wauwatosa, WI  Through the cooperation and information sharing of multiple law enforcement agencies across several states, Oshkosh and Fod du Lac Police were able to apprehend and charge individuals from a Romanian skimming ring with card fraud and identity theft.  The first subject was arrested in Oshkosh and two more were later arrested in Fond du Lac.  The suspect was in possession of about 80 prepaid gift cards when he was arrested in Oshkosh.  Wauwatosa Police assisted in the investigation by interrogating the cards. Using ERAD, they were able to quickly determine that all 80 cards were re-encoded with stolen debit card numbers.  Those card numbers belonged to unsuspecting victims and had been obtained by the use of skimming devices placed at various locations.   Using the “Case Cloned Card Report” made it easy to explain and…

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Fairfax County Police Recover 293 Stolen Credit and Debit Cards During Traffic Stop

July 13, 2018

Fairfax, VA  Court records show it all started when Fairfax County Police pulled over several suspects for routine traffic violations involving improper display of a license plate and littering. Officers observed that none of the occupants had drivers licenses but did find what appeared to be counterfeit cards, receipts for iPhones and jewelry, as well as fake IDs in the names of Joge Soler and Luis Lopez.  The Officers then contacted Master Police Officer Howard Mergler who recognized the suspects as having been involved with a February 2018 stolen cards report.  MPO Mergler was able to recover credit card skimmers and card cloning equipment in a hotel room the suspects had occupied for several weeks.  After scanning the cards into the ERAD system, he determined that 293 cards had either already been re-encoded with stolen card numbers or…

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Canadian Police Service Recovers 20,000 Card Numbers During Search

April 19, 2018

During a recent arrest, a Canadian law enforcement agency recovered several excel files containing approximately 20,000 credit, debit and prepaid card numbers. The files belonged to individuals suspected of orchestrating numerous data breaches and network hacks. Using the Batch Upload function in ERAD, they determined the file contained over 7,000 unique card numbers belonging to over 140 financial institutions. According to Detective Constable, ” Uploading the spreadsheet worked very well. I was impressed at the turnaround time for processing the file”. Detective Constable used the Card Issuer Report to prioritize which financial institutions to contact and to provide them with a list of the confiscated card numbers.

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Rockwall County Jail Uses ERAD to Assist with Inmate Processing

March 13, 2018

Rockwall, Texas.  Each year the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office processes over 4,000 inmates into their jail facility.  In 2017 they found that many of those prisoners were holding various payment cards and other miscellaneous pieces of plastic, but the Office had no convenient way to identify or document those cards. Since installing ERAD-Intel in August, they processed 222 inmates holding 830 credit, debit and prepaid cards. “We know exactly what’s brought into the facility and are documenting it along with their other property” said Captain Alex Gray. “Not only are we able to determine if they’re holding counterfeit cards, we can also record the amount of money on those prepaid cards.  For additional information contact Captain Gray (agray@rockwallcountytexas.com).

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Pascagoula Mississippi uses ERAD to I.D. stolen debit cards and recover over $7,000 from prepaid cards

February 17, 2017

A Detective from the Pascagoula Mississippi Police Department, along with members of DHS and USSS, stopped two men traveling west bound on I-10. After receiving conflicting travel itineraries and a K9 alert, the Detective searched the vehicle and located 41 cash cards in the glove and passenger compartments. Using ERAD FCIS, he determined that several of the cards had cash values exceeding $7,000 and immediately froze the funds. For the other cards, the suspects had used chemicals to remove the card numbers from legitimate prepaid cash cards and then encoded and embossed stolen debit card numbers from a Midwest Union onto the plastic. According to the Credit Union, over $30,000 of their member’s money was saved thanks to the department. Lieutenant Brandle (pbrandle@cityofpascagoula.com)

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Waukesha County recovers 1,300 cloned WalMart cards

February 10, 2017

A local Waukesha County business owner reported a suspicious looking package to local law enforcement. The responding officers identified a bag that was partially covered in snow and frozen to the ground. It appeared that the bag had been there for some time so as the snow began to melt, it became exposed. The bag contained approximately 1,300 Walmart gift cards. The magnetic stripes on 777 of the cards were immediately scanned into the ERAD-FCIS system, which determined that all of the magnetic stripes contained stolen credit card information, but none of the gift cards had been activated. The approximately 600 remaining cards were taped together, similar to a brick of drugs, and sent to the crime lab for finger print analysis. Waukesha County used the ERAD Card Issuer Report to notify the affected banks. April…

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St. Louis county analyzes 250 cards in under three hours

February 6, 2017

A Detective from the St. Louis County Police Department, along with members of their Drug Task Force and ATF confiscated narcotics, weapons and 250 plastic cards during a raid. Using ERAD FCIS, the Detective and his team were able scan and catalog all the credit, debit and prepaid cards in less than 3 hours. The Sergeant commented that the prosecuting attorney found the Case Balance Report provided by the Detective easy to understand and critical to the investigation. “Without ERAD, analyzing these cards would have taken several days, or more” said Sergeant Parks (mparks@stlouisco.com).

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Lawrenceville Police Department confiscates 1,471 cards including $34,000 from prepaid cards

October 17, 2016

Detectives with the Lawrenceville Police Department utilized the ERAD system to interrogate and catalog 1,471 payment cards during an investigation. Investigators used ERAD to identify and seize approximately $34,000 of suspected illicit currency being held on prepaid cash cards. In addition to the prepaid cash, 494 cloned cards were identified from 180 different financial institutions. Detective Dyals (kdyals@lawrencevillepd.com)

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